Niesforne piersi, problemy z równowagą, upadki... Gwiazdy też zaliczają WPADKI! Kto i co zrobił?

Paparazzi tylko czekają na takie ujęcie!
Goldie Hawn. Goldie Hawn. STEFFMAN / CURD / SPLASH NEWS/EAST NEWS/Steffman / Curd / Splash News

Goldie Hawn

Goldie Hawn w takim stanie, radzimy nie wychodzić z domu na imprezę.

Goldie Hawn is seen exiting a vehicle while the straps fall from her dress in New York City, revealing more than she intended. Her driver and assistant quickly point out her slip, and she puts the straps back onto her shoulders with a big smile.  Pictured: Goldie Hawn  Ref: SPL97942  020509   Picture by: Steffman / Curd / Splash News     World RightsSTEFFMAN / CURD / SPLASH NEWS/EAST NEWS/Steffman / Curd / Splash News

Pete Doherty. Pete Doherty. /?Massimo Percossi/IBERPRESS

Pete Doherty

Pete Doherty znany jest głównie dzięki ostremu imprezowaniu. Często chodzi pijany i... brudny.

ROME, ITALY: Pete Doherty and his band, Babyshambles, arrives to Piper Club in Rome for his last italian gig. He is as usualy so drunk.     23.10.2006  Fot. Massimo Percossi/Iberpress/REPORTER/?Massimo Percossi/IBERPRESS

Beyonce. Beyonce. SPLASH NEWS/EAST NEWS/Splash News


Beyonce usiadła z impetem, a jej lewa pierś to wykorzystała!

Diva Beyonce gets her bootylicious body buried in sand while husband Jay-Z takes some snaps for the family photo album as they hit the beach in Hawaii.  The Single Ladies singer burst out laughing as she was covered in sand all the way up to her neck by pals.  Her head was all that could be seen by the time they were done as Jay-Z happily snapped away.  But it wasn't too long before she was dug out to reveal her trademark curves in a multi-coloured one-piece swimsuit.  Beyonce was still brushing sand off her arms and legs long afterwards as she soaked up the sun. She didn't seem to mind getting her hands dirty as the group built sandcastles, even with her painted fingernails.  At one point she was seen holding a sheet of cling film as she prepared to be buried in sand.  Jay-Z captured all the fun on his smart Canon 7D camera as their party, including young children, looked to be having a great time.  The rapper looked impressed with his own work as he checked=SPLASH NEWS/EAST NEWS/Splash News

Janice Dickinson. Janice Dickinson. SPLASH NEWS/EAST NEWS/Splash News

Janice Dickinson

Janice Dickinson modeluje implant piersi... ręcznie.

EXCLUSIVE: Janice Dickinson seen at Brentwood shopping mall, wearing a blue top and black leggings. Janice is currently appearing on the TV show 'The Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency'.  Pictured: Janice DickinsonSPLASH NEWS/EAST NEWS/Splash News

Geri Halliwell. Geri Halliwell. East News

Geri Halliwell

Czyżby Geri Halliwell uwierał stanik?

Former Spice Geri Halliwell checks her assets before picking up her daughter from school.  Pictured: Geri Halliwell  Ref: SPL190645  300610   Picture by: Gotcha Images / Splash NewsEast News

Kate Moss. Kate Moss. SPLASH NEWS/EAST NEWS/Splash News

Kate Moss

Kate Moss przed wyjściem z domu pamiętała, żeby założyć majtki. Zapomniała jedynie o spodniach...

Kate Moss arriving at Claridges after the GQ Awards.  Pictured: Kate Moss  Ref: SPL122745  080909   Picture by: Splash News     NO UNITED KINGDOMSPLASH NEWS/EAST NEWS/Splash News

Courtney Love. Courtney Love. EAST NEWS/Friolo/Flores/Splash News

Courtney Love

Wysiadanie z samochodu w stanie upojenia jest sztuką trudną do opanowania, nawet dla takiej weteranki jak Courtney Love.

Courtney Love and daughter Francis Bean attend Rumor Willis ' 18th birthday party at Dolce resturant in Beverly Hills , California . Rumor celebrated her 18th birthday at Dolce restaurant and had a star studded party with many celebrities in attendance .  Ref: F IHPLA FHLA 170806 KEAST NEWS/Friolo/Flores/Splash News

Chloe Sims. Chloe Sims. East News

Chloe Sims

To dopiero nazywa się stylowe wsiadanie do samochodu! W razie czego, tak Chloe Sims, gwiazda brytyjskich reality show, wygląda "od przodu":

Chloe Simms and Frankie Essex enjoy a night out at Rio Ferdinand's restaurant, Rosso, in Manchester. Chloe's low cut dress revealing slightly more than she intended.   Pictured: Chloe SimmsEast News

Goldie Hawn. Goldie Hawn. East News

Goldie Hawn

Aktorka ma spore problemy z utrzymaniem równowagi.

Lauren Pope. Lauren Pope. East News

Lauren Pope

Ojojoj. Lauren Pope to kolejna brytyjska gwiazdka, która nie radzi sobie z wsiadaniem i wysiadaniem z samochodu.

Paris Hilton. Paris Hilton. NIKOS VINIERATOS / REX FEATURES/EAST NEWS/Nikos Vinieratos / Rex Features

Paris Hilton

Amerykańska dziedziczka fortuny lubi czuć luz... między nogami!

Mandatory Credit: Photo by Nikos Vinieratos / Rex Features ( 907107d )  Paris Hilton and Doug Reinhardt  Paris Hilton and Doug Reinhardt leaving The Wolseley, London, Britain - 15 Apr 2009NIKOS VINIERATOS / REX FEATURES/EAST NEWS/Nikos Vinieratos / Rex Features

Salma Hayek. Salma Hayek. East News

Salma Hayek

Salma Hayek nie zauważyła schodka. Jej mina - bezcenna :)

Salma Hayek, taking her daughter Valentina by the hand, stumbles and falls down whilst leaving the George V hotel in Paris, France on November 20, 2011. Antonio Bandera shelped her to stand up. Photo by ABACAPRESS.COM  # 298500_001East News

Danii Minogue. Danii Minogue. East News

Danii Minogue

Poruszanie się w wysokich obcasach nie należy do najłatwiejszych czynności. Oj, biedna Danii Minogue.

Lindsay Lohan. Lindsay Lohan. East News

Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan nie poradziła sobie z nierównościami chodnika.

Hayden Panettiere. Hayden Panettiere. East News

Hayden Panettiere

Ależ ją wygięło!

51570, WEST HOLLYWOOD, CALIFORNIA - Wednesday February 23 2011. Woah! Hayden Panettiere almost takes a tumble as she teeters out of Chateau Marmont. The petite actress was saved from an embarrassing fall by a bystander. Photograph: ??Josephine Santos,East News

Mel Gibson. Mel Gibson. AGF S.R.L. / REX FEATURESEAST NEWS/AGF s.r.l. / Rex Features

Mel Gibson

Pamiętacie Popeya? Gdy zobaczyliśmy to zdjęcie, od razu przypomniał się nam marynarz z kreskówki.

Mandatory Credit: Photo by AGF s.r.l. / Rex Features ( 390214T )  MEL GIBSON  Smoking Stars  771203 COM    Smoking Stars    Welcome to the weird and wonderful world of celebrity smoking - from those who are loud and proud about their need for nicotine, to those who seem ashamed of their addiction. And that's not to mention bizarre smoking habits, peculiar peccadilloes and down right unattractive behaviour.    These celeb's dreams of looking normal have all gone up in smoke after demonstrations of their bizarre smoking habits. Steve O attempts to smoke his fingers rather than the cigarette; Pete Doherty does his, like everything else in his life, the wrong way round; and Stephen Fry lives up to his eccentric reputation with a rather wacky pipe.    "Look ma no hands", these celebs shout, but really their attempts to look cool are all smoke and mirrors. Dave Navarro sucks so hard on his cigarette that he looks like he's going to swallow it; Snoop Dogg seems to be disappearing in a puff of smoke and gangsta signs; and Jack Nicholson obviously hasn't felt the nicotine rush yet as he looks extremely annoyed.    Oh girls, with such ashtray mouths your hopes and dreams of being kissed have really gone up in smoke. Kate Moss acts like the perfect fag and booze groupie; Elisha Cuthbert's attempt at a smoke ring fails spectacularly; and Britney Spears goes for the full on trailer trash chic look.    Some celebs seem positively embarrassed by their habit and, even while lighting up, try to throw up a smoke screen. "Cigarette? What cigarette?" asks Kate Hudson - "it's just cold out here"; meanwhile, like a naughtly schoolboy, Ashton Kutcher hopes that Demi isn't around to catch him.    Forget smoking gun, these female stars all look like what they desperately want is a cigarette holder. Catherine Deneuve shows that, just like actresses, your cigarette can never by too thin; Claudia Cardinale can't quite...  For more information visit S.R.L. / REX FEATURESEAST NEWS/AGF s.r.l. / Rex Features

Mischa Barton. Mischa Barton. AKM IMAGES / SPLASH NEWS/EAST NEWS/AKM IMAGES / Splash News

Mischa Burton

Czyżby Mischa Burton uciekła z fotela fryzjerowi?

Mischa Barton getting highlights at hair Salon in Beverly Hills, California. Mischa spent 7 hours at the salon and couldn't resist stepping outside for a smoke break.  Pictured: Mischa BartonAKM IMAGES / SPLASH NEWS/EAST NEWS/AKM IMAGES / Splash News

Pamela Anderson. Pamela Anderson. East News

Pamela Anderson

Głębokie rozporki bywają niebezpieczne. Ale co to dla Pameli!

PHOTO: SPLASH NEWS/EAST NEWS Pamela Anderson is worst dressed at Hollywood Life's 6th Annual Hollywood Style Awards held at the Armand Hammer Museum on October 11, 2009 in Los Angeles, California. The actress shows up in an outfit that looks as if she dragged the sheets off her bed in a hurry and draped them around her. She brings a whole entourage of people like photographer David LaChapelle and make up artist Sharon Gault whose little daughter carries the end of her make shift dress. Her dress is so short that her underwear shows, her white panties are clearly visible.  Pictured: Pamela Anderson   Ref: SPL130588  111009   Picture by: Ciao Hollywood / Splash NewsEast News

Anna Dereszowska

Niesforny wiatr zrobił psikusa Annie Dereszowskiej.


Cameron Diaz. Cameron Diaz. AP/Reuters

Cameron Diaz

Piękna aktorka dała niezłą plamę!

Emma Watson. Emma Watson. WEIR PHOTOS / SPLASH NEWS/EAST NEWS/Weir Photos / Splash News

Emma Watson

Czyżby aktorka się czegoś wystraszyła?

Emma Watson seen here pulling a funny face while leaving the GQ Awards in London wearing a tartan prom dress with a black leather jacket and black heels, looking stunning as always smiling and looking happy also stopped and signed some autographs for a group of fans.  Pictured: Emma WatsonWEIR PHOTOS / SPLASH NEWS/EAST NEWS/Weir Photos / Splash News